Who are we?

Welcome to my first blog attempt!  My wonderful staff Betty has created this web page and now I get to blog in it.  My name is Erin Brook and I am the Executive Director of YSCC.  I have 15 wonderful staff members.  Together we provide counseling, a First Time Offender Program, crisis hot line, shelter, street outreach (for 18-22yr olds that are homeless or couch surfers), and youthful hope camp.  All of our services are free.  I mean truly free as in we don’t charge you, Medicaid, private insurance or anyone else for our services.  This in part is made possible by the Tulsa Area United Way..so please support the Tulsa Area United Way.  Hopefully, as you follow this blog you will begin to understand my humor.  Though many (like the children I work with) don’t think I am so funny and look at me as though I am a dork.  I am okay with being a dork.  I should note that I am not always so informal in my writing style but I hear (from all my blogging friends/family) that blogs should be entertaining and easy to read.  I will write more later and one by one introduce the staff.