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First Time Offender Program

 First Time Offender Program

The First Time Offender Program was developed by Oklahoma Association of Youth Services (OAYS) in conjunction with Oklahoma Juvenile Affairs (OJA), court systems, and Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ) in cooperation with legislation in 1994 that required the development of alternative diversion programs designed towards intervention and prevention of youth from further developing characteristics and behaviors of juvenile delinquents.

Youth are identified by law enforcement personnel, the district attorney, the courts, and other community resources (such as schools or parental/self referrals). Youth are defined as having committed acts, which are not serious enough to warrant adjudication through the juvenile court process, but which do indicate a need for intervention to prevent further development toward juvenile delinquency.

Youth Services of Creek County is working with local school systems to bring the It’s My Life curriculum to students who have been suspended from school in an effort to reduce suspension days.  This allows the student to return to the classroom sooner while leaning vital life, social, and coping skills to reduce future suspensions.

YSCC is the only agency in Creek County that offers the approved FTOP program free of charge to participants.  Classes are designed to last 6 two-hour sessions. Days, times and locations are determined by coordinator.  To contact Dax Demers, FTOP Coordinator call 918-227-2622 or email her at