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Within My Reach

Our love lives aren’t neutral.

What happens in our romantic attachments affects the possibility of success in every other aspect of life, especially in child rearing and employment. Based on relevant research and the expertise of leading scholars and providers, Dr. Scott Stanley, Marline Pearson, Dr. Galena Kline Rhoades, the PREP team and their colleagues have developed a strategic new curriculum to improve the chances that individuals can attain relationship success for themselves and their children.

This new research-informed program, Within My Reach, seeks to help:

  • Those in viable relationships, to cultivate, protect, and stabilize their union, including reaching for their dreams of eventually being married if they desire:
  • Those in damaging relationships to leave safely; and/or
  • Those who desire a romantic relationship and/or marriage in the future to choose partners wisely: to decide about, rather than slide through, major relationship transitions


Classes are held monthly at Sapulpa DHS offices conference room.  Contact Jasmine Wilson at 918-367-9955 for more information.